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Issue Position: Economy

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I began working in our family business in Corona at a young age. Before long, I started and ran my own business, learning valuable lessons about small business along the way. With an economics degree from San Diego State University and decades of community leadership and business experience, I understand what it means to sign the front of a payroll check, and what that paycheck means to families.

Far too many Americans are either unemployed or underemployed. Unfortunately, our government continues to make it harder on small business owners to succeed and hire more workers. We need to help the private sector create jobs by reversing policies that threaten them. Higher taxes, cap-and-trade regulations, health care fines and regulations, out of control spending and huge debt burdens, all give employers a reason to worry before they decide to expand their workforce.

I believe we must cut taxes for families and businesses, cut federal spending and focus our limited spending on real infrastructure projects that put people to work today and improve all our lives tomorrow.

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