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Issue Position: Improving Health Care

Issue Position

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Gov. Lynch has consistently fought to expand access to affordable, quality health care for New Hampshire businesses and people.

Improving Health CareLaunching Accountable Care Organization Pilot

This summer, Gov. Lynch worked with doctors and insurers to launch five pilot programs for accountable care organizations, which would reduce the growth in health care costs and improve patient care by redesigning the health care citizen to focus on patient outcomes. The program creates incentives for doctors to spend more time with their patients, focus on preventive care and disease management, collaborate with other providers, and have direct responsibility for controlling costs.
Helping Small Businesses Keep Health Insurance for Workers

Gov. Lynch worked with small businesses to create New Hampshire HealthFirst, an alternative health insurance plan aimed at helping small businesses get more affordable coverage for their workers.

New Hampshire HealthFirst was developed in conjunction with the state Insurance Department, lawmakers and other stakeholders to address the rising cost of health insurance for small businesses. It will provide comparable coverage to existing health insurance plans, and reduce premiums by addressing the underlying cost drivers of health care increases through better prevention, better care management and more efficient use of health care services.

Ensuring Coverage for those who Need It

Gov. Lynch worked successfully to expand New Hampshire's Children's Health Insurance Program to make it possible for more parents to afford health care for their children through New Hampshire Healthy Kids. He also signed legislation allowing children to stay on their parents' health insurance until age 26.

Gov. Lynch was the first governor to sign a version of Michelle's Law, which allows full-time college students to take up to twelve months medical leave without jeopardizing the insurance they need for those treatments. And he signed legislation allowing divorced individuals to remain on their former spouse's employer-provided group health insurance for up to three years.
Preventing Insurance Companies from Discriminating Against Sick Workers

Gov. Lynch worked successfully to repeal a law that had allowed insurance companies to discriminate against sick workers.
Ensuring Services for New Hampshire's Most Vulnerable Citizens

Under Gov. Lynch, New Hampshire has provided the funding necessary to move people with developmental disabilities and acquired brain disorders off the waitlist for services.

Improving Health CareProtecting Public Health

Under Gov. Lynch's leadership, a law was put in place to protect children from the dangers of lead poisoning, one of the most preventable public health problems in the state. The law allows the state to inspect apartments for lead paint when the potential damage to a child's health begins, and provides the funding for preventative inspections. To protect the public and workers from the dangers of second-hand smoke, Gov. Lynch signed a law banning smoking in restaurants and bars.
Supporting Women's Health

Gov. Lynch supports ensuring that women have the right to make their own health care decisions. He signed the repeal of an unconstitutional law that placed the health and safety of New Hampshire women at risk and signed a law making emergency contraception available without a prescription.
Modernizing New Hampshire Health Care

Under Gov. Lynch, New Hampshire has dramatically increased the number of providers who can prescribe medications electronically, reducing medical errors, improving patient safety, and helping reduce costs.
Building a Healthier Tomorrow

The Citizens Health Initiative created by John Lynch continues to bring together people from across New Hampshire to meet his goals of ensuring that in 10 years New Hampshire will still be one of the healthiest states in the nation, more New Hampshire citizens will have access to quality health care, and the growth in health care costs will be in line with economic growth. In addition to expanding electronic prescribing, members of the initiative are also working with insurance companies to develop criteria for "pay-for-performance" standards, increasing preventative health care, and providing the public more information about health care costs.

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