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Issue Position: Keeping New Hampshire Safe

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Gov. Lynch is committed to keeping New Hampshire citizens safe in their homes and communities. He has put in place the toughest laws in the nation to protect children from online and sexual predators; required all convicted felons to provide DNA samples; and established a cold case unit so all victims can have justice. For the third year in a row, New Hampshire has been named the safest state in the nation.

Protecting Children from Sexual Predators

Gov. Lynch knows we must do all we can to protect our most precious resource -- our children. That is why he worked collaboratively with the Department of Justice, county prosecutors and the state's law enforcement community to develop and pass the Online Child Safety and the Child Protection Acts, some of the nation's toughest and most comprehensive laws to protect children from sexual predators.Keeping New Hampshire Safe

The Child Protection Act increases sentences for criminals who sexually abuse children and allows for civil commitments of dangerous offenders. It also increases registration and monitoring requirements for sex offenders and provides the public more information on sex offenders.

The Online Child Safety Act modernizes state laws to help parents better protect their children from on-line predators. It strengthens the penalties in existing law for enticing a child over the Internet, and provides enhanced penalties for repeat offenders; it overhauls and expands existing child pornography laws to better reflect the victimization that occurs every day when images of sexually abused children are created and distributed; and it closes a loophole so that sex offenders using web cams can be held accountable.
Protecting the Families of First Responders

Gov. Lynch signed legislation creating a death benefit for police and firefighters to help ensure the families of our heroes killed in the line of duty will receive the help they deserve.
Protecting Homeowners

Recognizing more and more families find themselves in jeopardy of losing their homes --and the valuable equity they have built into their homes -- to foreclosure rescue scams, John Lynch signed legislation imposing new standards on pre-foreclosure sales, requiring greater disclosure from foreclosure consulting companies and creating stiff penalties, including fines and jail time, for those who take advantage of homeowners.
Funding Investigations into Unsolved Crimes

Governor Lynch worked with the state departments of Justice and Safety to create a Cold Case Unit. The unit has dedicated investigators who work on crimes that have long gone unsolved, giving these cases the time, resources and attention they need and deserve. The Cold Case squad made its first arrest in July in the case of a family murdered in 1989.
Requiring Felons to Submit DNA Samples

Gov. Lynch signed a law that requires convicted felons to submit DNA samples upon entry into prison. This new law is expected add over 9,000 additional DNA samples to the State's database, helping solve crimes here and elsewhere.
Enabling Statewide Emergency Notification

Gov. Lynch signed a law that creates an emergency notification system, so that state public safety and emergency management officials can notify New Hampshire residents of emergency information via telephone.
Leading in Times of Emergency

During the severe flooding that hit New Hampshire, Gov. Lynch took quick and decisive actions. The Governor quickly activated the state's emergency management effort and the National Guard. He worked directly with communities to ensure the state was doing everything possible to help them respond and recover. He fought to ensure families affected by the flooding -- some of them for the second time in less than a year -- received federal disaster assistance in an expedited manner. He worked with the legislature and the private sector to help provide financial assistance so communities could rebuild.

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