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Issue Position: Building the Economy

Issue Position

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Governor John Lynch's top priority is helping New Hampshire's businesses grow and create jobs. His plan for continued economic recovery uses tax credits, training grants, and other incentives to help small businesses grow. As Governor, John Lynch will not be satisfied until everyone who wants a job can find a job.

Ensuring that New Hampshire's Economy Leads the Nation

Under Governor Lynch's steady leadership, New Hampshire has the second-fastest job growth in the nation, an unemployment rate nearly 40 percent below the national average, and is leading New England's economic recovery. Fitch Ratings says that "New Hampshire's economy had been strong and resilient when compared to surrounding states coming into the economic downturn and strong growth is expected to return as the national economy recovers."
Helping Companies Put
PeoPutting People Back to Workple Back to Work

Governor Lynch proposed and passed New Hampshire Working, a three-part initiative aimed at helping New Hampshire workers stay at work if they already have jobs; return to work if they are unemployed; and prepare for the jobs of the future.

* Avoid Layoffs: New Hampshire Working can help workers stay at work if their companies are considering layoffs by allowing companies to submit a plan to reduce the hours of their workers, with part of the lost wages made up by unemployment benefits. This allows companies to save money during tough times, keep skilled workers, reduces the cost of unemployment benefits to the state, and maintains jobs for workers.
* Open the Door to a New Job: New Hampshire Working helps unemployed workers return to work by allowing them to keep their unemployment benefits while undergoing up to six weeks of on-the-job training at a prospective employer.
* Train to Compete for New Jobs: New Hampshire Working will help our state's workers to prepare for the jobs of the future by providing an opportunity for workers to assess their skills, and by providing job training so unemployed workers can improve their skills and chances of finding a new job.

Partnering with Companies to Train Workers

Governor Lynch led the effort to re-create New Hampshire's Job Training Fund. The fund provides matching grants to employers to help them train their existing workforce with valuable new skills.

The state has partnered with hundreds of companies, training more than 7,000 workers.
Helping Businesses Create New Green Jobs in New Hampshire

Gov. Lynch partnered with the University System to create The Green Launching Pad, which is helping small New Hampshire businesses bring clean energy products to market and create new jobs for New Hampshire workers. Selected companies collaborate with UNH faculty in business, science and engineering to plan their business, and the program also connects the start-ups with investors and business mentors.
Creating Jobs Today with a Comprehensive Energy Plan; Preparing NH to Compete Tomorrow

Gov. Lynch's comprehensive energy plan is putting people to work today making homes, businesses and government more energy efficient and building renewable energy plants, which will reduce energy costs and make New Hampshire more competitive in the future.
Building Our EconomyEncouraging Job Growth with a Research & Development Tax Credit

To attract and keep innovative jobs in New Hampshire, Governor Lynch worked to create a research-and-development tax credit. This credit is providing up to $1 million each year to encourage companies to innovate and create the jobs of the future in New Hampshire.
Helping Small Businesses Afford Health Insurance

Governor Lynch worked to launch New Hampshire HealthFirst, an innovative initiative aimed at helping small businesses better afford health insurance for their workers. Developed in a cooperative effort with the state Insurance Department, lawmakers and small business owners, New Hampshire HealthFirst provides comparable coverage to existing health insurance plans at lower premiums.

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