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Gov. Perry Announces $2.9 Million TETF Investments in Three Houston Companies

Location: Houston, TX

Thank you Walter Ulrich for that introduction and for your work on the ETF committee and for all the work you and your organization do to promote high tech investment in the Houston area.

Through efforts like yours along with tools like the Emerging Technology Fund Texas is in prime position to continue creating more of the jobs of the future in addition to the jobs of today.

I'm here to announce three awards to companies that fit that bill companies with the vision drive and intelligence to take great ideas and turn them into great realities and, ultimately, jobs.

The awards we're presenting today are precisely the kind of investments for which the ETF was created strengthening our state's high-tech economy by supporting promising initiatives during the critical phase between earliest innovation and market viability.

Thanks to the Emerging Technology Fund and our state's stronger than average economy three great ideas will be nurtured and grown in Texas adding to our momentum and, ultimately, creating jobs.

Joining us to ay are a few people who are more than familiar with the process securing ETF awards of their own earlier this year.

They are Dr. Lynn Kirkpatrick of Ensysce Biosciences. Dr. Jason Sakamoto of Leonardo Biosystems David Lee of Nano3D Biosciences and Richard Scruggs of Salient Pharmaceuticals.

I congratulate you all for you success so far and expect to see many more great things from all of you in the years to come.

Now, if Walter could help me make today's presentations Walter?

In alphabetical order, $250,000 to AuricX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AuricX is doing promising work developing treatments for infections that are resistant to treatment by traditional drugs which is a growing and potentially deadly problem particularly in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Next up, $250,000 to Blue Box Heath, Inc.

Blue Box is using existing and new technology to better manage the treatment of diseases in particular, congestive heart failure a condition suffered by more than 5 million Americans.

From the development of sensors that can measure cardiac health to the development of quickly accessible, "cloud-based" analytics Blue Box represents the potential to treat people more efficiently and more effectively.

Our last award today $2.4 million is going to Oncolix, Inc. Oncolix has been joined by such heavyweights as MD Anderson in its development of a cancer-fighting drug, Prolanta.

If trials go well, Prolanta will offer ovarian cancer patients a treatment option with fewer of the side effects associated with chemotherapy.

I applaud everyone involved in these worthy endeavors and look forward to the day when we can say the cure for drug resistant bacteria a cost and life saving treatment plan and a successful treatment for ovarian and possibly breast cancer were all developed to maturity here in Texas.

In addition to easing pain and suffering around the country and around the planet these companies represent the latest additions to a rapidly growing segment of the Texas economy.

Like so many others from across the country and around the world these three companies see the potential for growth in Texas.

That potential is not something we can take for granted.

In the not-too-distant past, it was not uncommon for great ideas born in Texas universities and Texas laboratories to look elsewhere for the support they needed to become great businesses.

The ETF has helped change that dynamic.

Since its creation in 2005, the ETF has invested more than $173 million in 120 early stage companies along with $161 million in research grants to Texas universities. With the guidance of folks like Aruna Viswanathan & Henry Venta.

Each of those investments strengthens Texas moving us closer to being the undisputed leader in high tech solutions to key health concerns.

Our state is blessed with a native pool of intelligent, experienced and talented individuals but we're adding to their numbers with strategic ETF investments that attract top-flight researchers from around the world and improve the chances of even more inventions, innovations and cures.

Our state's biotechnology sector is getting stronger by the day with large companies like Medtronic which last year announced plans to bring 1,400 new jobs to Texas to upstarts like Oncolix, which relocated to Texas from South Carolina in 2009.

Combined with our centers of excellence in cancer research in Dallas, San Antonio, and, of course, Houston we're building some serious momentum.

That momentum is leading us to the point where brilliant ideas will go from insight to design and testing to production all within the borders of our state. That sort of self-contained success story is going to be ever more important as Texas moves forward and continue to lead the nation in job creation along with exports and Fortune 1000 companies.

Again, I thank everyone here for your hard work your dedication and vision for a better life for people in Texas and all around the world.

May God bless you, and, through you, may He continue to bless the great state of Texas.

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