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"People Over Politics" Tour To Visit Concord, Hollis, Keene, Littleton

Press Release

Location: Concord, NH

"People Over Politics" Tour To Visit Concord, Hollis, Keene, Littleton

With a goal of bringing together community leaders across political lines to focus on the big issues facing the country, Ann McLane Kuster will visit with Republican, Independent and Democratic community leaders across the district as a part of a district-wide "People Over Politics" tour.

Kuster plans visits to Concord, Hollis, Keene, and Littleton and already met with community leaders in New London as well last week.

"The problems facing New Hampshire -- from the jobs crisis to the financial crisis -- need a new approach, not the same old Washington politics-as-usual that created these problems in the first place," said Kuster.

"We need to work together to create jobs, fix the economy, and get people working again. I'm proud to work with Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike to do that because I know the gridlock and partisan name-calling in Washington has failed us."

Kuster will visit Concord on Tuesday, Hollis on Wednesday, Littleton on Friday and Keene on Saturday. The day after winning the Democratic primary, Kuster also visited with community leaders from across party lines in New London, including former GOP NH Senate President Ralph Hough, Suzy Hough and Independent Community Leader Debbie McLeod.

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