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Charlie Bass vs. Ann McLane Kuster: The Choice is Clear

Press Release

Location: Concord, NH

Peterborough's Charlie Bass, the Republican nominee in New Hampshire's 2nd District race for Congress said today that voters have a very clear and simple choice between his candidacy and that of liberal, progressive, activist Ann McLane Kuster.

Speaking to the media in Concord, Bass said, "This race offers voters a choice between putting a check on out-of-control Washington or continuing with the Barack Obama-Nancy Pelosi program. In me, they have an experienced, fiscal conservative who has been a strong, independent voice for NH - not afraid to break with my party when it was the right thing to do for New Hampshire. In Annie Kuster, they have a self-proclaimed, progressive liberal - an activist for the Nancy Pelosi-Barack Obama agenda. In fact, Kuster's ideology is often to the left, even more liberal, than President Obama and Speaker Pelosi."

Bass continued, "I have known Annie Kuster for many years. She is nice person, and has given many hours to community service and charitable endeavors, as have many people all over NH. But she is also a career lobbyist and statehouse insider, who has fought for legislation in Concord that is completely out-of-step with New Hampshire values. I completely disagree with Annie Kuster on the most important issues facing America - but I commend her for not trying to hide who she is - and unabashedly proclaiming her allegiance to Barack Obama and his community of devotees."

Bass noted that Kuster is a proud, liberal activist who has been endorsed by and received hundreds of thousands of dollars of support from extreme, liberal, activist groups such as:


· Howard Dean's Democracy for America

· Progressive Change Campaign Committee

"I will fight to check the unbridled power of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Washington Democrats who are pushing America over the bankruptcy cliff by borrowing forty-three cents of every dollar they spend," said Bass. "I will work to cut spending, balance the budget and reduce the debt, and put our economy back on a solid plan for real growth, and get big government out of the way - so businesses will create real, long-term, private-sector jobs."

"I am proud of my record as a fiscally conservative independent, and I am proud to represent all those who want to change Washington now - who want stop our government's reckless spending and massive increase in debt - and who want to say 'NO' to the Obama-Pelosi-Kuster government-solves-all problems agenda," Bass added.

"Annie Kuster is proud of her record as a liberal, progressive activist for Barack Obama. Kuster served Obama in NH on his presidential campaign's steering committee. She co-chaired 'NH Women for Obama.' And Kuster was a Barack Obama Delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention, standing arm-in-arm with eighty-four thousand like-minded Obama-Pelosi foot soldiers in the Denver football stadium."

Bass said that on November 2nd, the people of New Hampshire will, "...decide on a direction for our state and our country moving forward."

He said a vote for Bass will be a vote to, "...stop reckless spending, reduce the debt, and move forward with a sound plan to reinvigorate our economy and create real, long-term, private-sector jobs."

A vote for Kuster will be a vote to continue Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi's agenda of:

· failed Stimulus spending

· job-killing economic and energy policies

· record-setting deficit spending

· massive government takeover of health care

"This decision for voters is the basic, age-old choice between a candidate - me - who supports smaller government, less spending, and less government intrusion into our lives - and Annie Kuster - who supports big government spending, big government programs like 'Obamacare,' and big-government solutions to all of our problems."

Bass concluded, "As we look around at the thousands of people without jobs, a stagnant, uncertain economy, and out-of-control government spending that is doing nothing but increase our record-setting debt, I could sum up the Obama-Pelosi-Kuster program in four simple words, 'It is not working.' Ultimately, the voters will give their opinion on November 2nd."

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