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Location: Washington, DC

Over the last few weeks I conducted a series of in-person town hall meetings and telephone town hall meetings throughout the 6th Congressional District. These meetings allowed me the opportunity to speak with thousands of my constituents and answer their questions. It is clear that the recently enacted "health care reform" law continues to be of great concern to a majority of Americans.

This sweeping health care reform law, pushed by Congressional Democrats and signed into law by President Obama a few months ago, will dramatically impact every family, taxpayer and small business in America. As I have said time and time again, this monstrosity, which I voted against, amounts to a big government takeover of our health care system -- one that will lead to fewer choices, higher prices and rationed care. Furthermore, the bill creates more than 150 new government agencies and programs at a cost of well over $2.5 trillion.

In addition to mandating that folks have health insurance, the government-run plan included in the law, will force millions out of the coverage they currently have. In fact, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated that 8-9 million people will be dumped from their employer sponsored coverage.

To pay for this massive new government expansion, the legislation contains a total of $569 billion in devastating new tax increases imposed on individuals and small businesses. This will result in millions of lost jobs as small businesses are forced to take money from salaries to pay new taxes. In addition, the legislation would cut Medicare for our nation's seniors by over $500 billion.
Americans are frustrated by rising health care costs, and that is why we in Congress should have had the opportunity to work in a bipartisan way to cut health insurance costs and make health care better, more available, and more affordable for all Americans.

House Republicans continue to offer solutions that will empower patients with choices, make high quality coverage more affordable, and protect and preserve the doctor-patient relationship. I strongly support a proposal that will achieve these goals. Unlike the Democrats' plan, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office confirmed that the plan offered by House Republicans would lower premiums by up to 10 percent and reduce the deficit by $68 billion over 10 years, all without imposing tax increases on families and small businesses and while improving the quality of your health care. The Republican proposal allows for the purchase of health insurance across state lines, allows individuals and small businesses to join large pools to get more competitive rates, provides malpractice reform to cut down the high cost of defensive medicine, allows full tax deductibility of health insurance premiums, portability of health insurance, and protection against pre-existing condition exclusions.

I intend to continue working to repeal the new health care law that kills jobs, raises taxes, threatens seniors' access to care, will cause millions of people to lose the coverage they have and like, and increases the cost of health care coverage. It must be replaced with commonsense reforms that lower health care costs and empower patients.
To contact me about this or any other matter, please visit my website at

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