Goodlatte Statement on the "Pledge to America"

Press Release

By:  Bob Goodlatte
Date: Sept. 23, 2010
Location: Washington, DC

Today House Republicans unveiled the "Pledge to America", a governing agenda which is built on solutions that reflect the priorities of the American people. A full copy of the "Pledge to America can be found here: Below is a statement from Congressman Bob Goodlatte on the release of this new agenda:

"Six months ago House Republicans launched an innovative online forum, This site allowed folks from all over the country to share their thoughts and suggestions for the future of our county. We followed up with thousands of town hall meetings and other contacts with constituents. The goal was to start a national dialogue that brought the halls of Congress into American homes. I am happy to report that is exactly what has happened.

Today House Republicans released "A Pledge to America" which is the result of our conversations with everyday Americans, like many of my constituents in the Sixth District of Virginia. It's based on the principles of smaller and more accountable government, economic freedom, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, protecting life, American values and the Constitution. This agenda also provides for a robust national defense that confronts and defeats the terrorist threat.

While it is clear that a majority of the American people have rejected the policies of higher taxes, runaway spending, government takeovers and record debt which have become commonplace in Washington these days, the "Pledge to America" represents a fresh, new governing agenda that is built on solutions that reflect the priorities of the American people and can be implemented today.

First and foremost, the American people want to see an end to the economic uncertainty and a plan to create jobs. House Republicans are proposing that we stop all job-killing tax hikes, rein in the regulatory red tape and burdensome mandates that hinder job creation, and give small businesses a tax deduction.

Second, we must stop the out-of-control spending and reduce the size of government. It is crucial that we rein in the skyrocketing deficit spending that is discouraging investment and threatening to bankrupt our nation. To accomplish this goal House Republicans pledge to cut government spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels which could save us at least $100 billion in the first year alone. This would be a good start. Additionally, we must establish a hard cap on new discretionary spending, saving hundreds of billions of dollars and cancel the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Act) program which used taxpayer dollars to bailout private businesses.

Third we pledge to work to repeal the new health care law that kills jobs, raises taxes, threatens seniors' access to care, will cause millions of people to lose the coverage they have and like, and increases the cost of health care coverage and replace it with commonsense reforms that lower health care costs and empower patients.

The fourth component of the "Pledge to America" is to reform Congress and restore the trust of the American people. It's time to make sure that bills are read, debated, discussed and understood before votes are cast. We will publish all legislation online for at least three days before voting on it in the House and require that the bills we pass are based on a specific constitutional authority. Republicans are also calling for changes that will make it easier for legislators from both sides of the aisle to get a vote on amendments that cut spending.

Finally, we must work together to keep our nation secure at home and abroad. We are committed to working with state and local officials to enforce our immigration laws, ensuring that the Border Patrol has the tools and authorities they need to establish operational control at the border, strengthening our visa security, keeping terrorists out of our country and ensuring terrorists are not granted the same rights as American citizens.

We understand the serious problems our nation faces. Near ten percent unemployment, runaway spending and a national debt spiraling out of control are all unacceptable. The American people are demanding accountability and results and that is what House Republicans are offering. Having enlisted the voices of the American people to create the "Pledge to America", we are now well prepared to move America forward and restore our founding principle of accountability to the people."

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