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Floor Speech - John Kerry Should Apologize for Vietnam Testimony

Location: Washington, DC

Floor Speech - John Kerry should apologize for Vietnam testimony

Mr. Speaker,

This week, the Vietnamese Government has weighed in on the Iraqi prison scandal, but the official Communist Vietnamese news agency is not citing the Geneva Conventions or the U.N.; it is citing testimony given by John Kerry in 1971 in condemning our troops.

Mr. Kerry testified that American soldiers from top to bottom committed human rights violations, "cutting off ears, murder, rape, destruction," et cetera.

The problem is, he relied on reports by a group of supposed Vietnam veterans who were not what they seemed.

They claimed to be former Vietnam veterans. They were not. They were frauds. They were out only to discredit the military and our country.

But John Kerry never repudiated or apologized for his statements.

Instead, he has excused his behavior to youth.

Now his misleading, inaccurate, hateful words are being used by a government with an atrocious human rights record against the United States.

That was a difficult time in our history. Passion and tensions were high.

Whatever one's opinion of Vietnam, our troops suffered because of this kind of false witness to their efforts in Vietnam; and as a Vietnam veteran, I think Mr. Kerry should apologize once and for all and disavow those statements as false before other nations decide to use them.

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