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Elaine Marshall - "Get it Right, Washington"

Press Release

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"End Tax Breaks For Corporations That Ship Jobs Overseas"

U.S. Senate candidate Elaine Marshall blasted the U.S. Senate, and Senator Richard Burr in particular, for failing to move forward on a bill to close tax loopholes for American companies that ship jobs overseas.

"Once again, Senator Burr has chosen to stand with the companies that ship North Carolina jobs overseas," said Marshall. "He supports unfair trade agreements and tax policies, and now will not stand with our families to repair some of the damage. He is wrong"

"But Congress has had it all wrong, too. They should have been addressing this problem a year or more ago. These problems are not new. In the Senate, I will focus like a laser beam on job creation and on closing tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas."

The Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act would cut taxes for companies that bring offshore jobs back to America and close tax loopholes for corporations that send jobs overseas. It would save and create North Carolina jobs at a time when North Carolina workers are struggling more than ever.

The cloture vote failed 53-45.

Senator Burr voted against the bill, again siding with corporations that ship jobs overseas. During sixteen years in Washington, Burr has repeatedly voted to give loopholes to corporations that send American jobs to countries like China, contributing to the loss of over 95,000 North Carolina jobs in the last decade alone.

From textile mills closing in Maiden, to IT jobs leaving the Triangle for India, Burr's failed outsourcing policies have hit North Carolina workers especially hard. Passage of The Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act would keep jobs in North Carolina--not send them abroad.

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