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McCain Claims Straight Talk Legacy Amid History of Double-Speak

Press Release

Location: Phoenix, AZ

U.S. Sen. John McCain suggested during a televised debate on Sunday that his legacy for Arizona would be his reputation for "straight talk," a legacy that the 28-year incumbent has shredded in recent years.

Unfortunately, McCain has lost his moorings on so many issues that his reputation of "straight talk" lies in tatters. Consider:

- He made a name for himself championing campaign finance reform, but now won't even vote to force corporations to disclose when they try to buy elections in the wake of the Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

- He originally voted against the Bush tax cuts because they were benefiting the rich, but now calls attempts to reinstate taxes on the wealthy "class warfare."

- He co-sponsored legislation to establish a bipartisan balanced budget committee and then voted against the bill on the Senate floor.

- He once called for a "cap and trade" system to reduce pollution by letting corporations profit off reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but now that the proposal would generate funds for the government, he calls it "cap and tax" and adamantly opposes it.

"No political opponent could have done more damage to John McCain's legacy than John McCain has done to himself," said Bill Romjue, campaign manager for Rodney Glassman for U.S. Senate. "Sadly, when it comes to integrity today, his legacy is simply that of double speak."

Glassman promises to leave a legacy of job creation, better schools and a U.S.-Mexico border that is finally secure.

"John McCain has had 28 years to establish a legacy for the people he has served and he's got nothing to show for it," Glassman said. "It's time Arizona sent a senator to Washington who will seek a tangible legacy for the people he serves."

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