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Issue Position: Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Fighting Terrorism

Issue Position


American troops fought bravely in Iraq and have accomplished everything that could be asked of them. It is now time for Iraqis to take responsibility for the security of their own country. Gary Peters strongly supports continuing the responsible withdrawal of American combat troops and making sure the troops have the resources they need to complete their mission.

Peters traveled to Afghanistan this year and met with brave men and women from Michigan defending our freedoms and keeping us safe from terror. The U.S. must continue to assist Afghans so they can take control of their country from extremists like Al Qaeda and the Taliban and allow our service men and women to come home and be honored for their service.

Peters supports plans to accelerate the expansion of the Afghan National Army and the Afghan National Police so that Afghan forces can secure Afghanistan rather than our own American troops. We must have a strategy that responsibly ends America's involvement in Afghanistan, but that does not allow the nation to become a safe haven for terrorism as it was before September 11th.

Gary Peters believes Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons poses a direct threat to global peace and stability. Peters has cosponsored several pieces of legislation to toughen sanctions on Iran to choke off their extremist leaders whose nuclear ambitions pose a danger to our ally Israel and a threat to countries around the world. These measures impose strong economic restrictions on Iran to pressure the country to end its quest for weapons of mass destruction and encourage their citizens to challenge their hard line leaders.

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