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The Disclose Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. McCONNELL. Madam President, we are now in day 2 of debate regarding the DISCLOSE Act--2 more days Senate Democrats have chosen to ignore the jobs of the American people in an effort to save their own job.

Americans are speaking out, but Democrats in Congress still aren't listening. At a time when Americans are clamoring for Democrats in Congress to do something about jobs and the economy, Democrats are not only turning a deaf ear, they are spending 2 full days here working to silence the voices of even more people with a bill that picks and chooses who has a right to political speech. This is precisely why Americans are speaking out loudly--loudly--about the excesses of this administration and this Congress. This is why Senate Republicans strongly support the efforts Republicans in the House will unveil later this morning in Virginia.

The proposals House Republicans will put forward today are clear proof that, unlike Democrats in Washington, Republicans have been listening intently to Americans over the past year and a half. Americans have been telling us they want us to focus on jobs first, fight wasteful Washington spending, repeal and replace the health spending bill, and shrink an exploding deficit. They have been telling us they want a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government.

The House Republican plan is a clear and forceful response to these concerns, and, working together, House and Senate Republicans will continue to fight for the principles upon which it is based. Together, we will focus our efforts on making America more competitive, reducing the size and cost of government, keeping our Nation strong and secure, and reining in the massive health care costs and mandates imposed by the Democrats' health spending bill.

This is an appropriate statement to make on the sixth-month anniversary of the passage of the Democratic health spending bill, which--both in its contents and in the process used to enact it--so clearly undermined the principles House Republicans will discuss this morning.

Americans never wanted this massive government-driven intrusion into their health care, and virtually every day it seems we see that the concerns Americans had about this bill are being vindicated. Throughout the day, administration officials will tell people the things it wants Americans to believe about this bill. Based on the promises the administration made to pass it, Americans should be deeply skeptical.

They said: ``If you like your plan, you will be able to keep it.'' Now we know that wasn't true. As the Associated Press recently put it: ``This is a promise that is beyond the President's power to keep.''

They said it wouldn't raise taxes--not by one penny. Yet even the administration's own lawyers now acknowledge that it does. One report, from the Joint Committee on Taxation, says that 40 million individuals and families will get hit with a tax hike as a result of this health care bill.

They said it would slow the growth of health care costs and that it was essential for that reason. Yet now the government itself says costs will go up as a result of the bill.

What about premiums? Well, the administration now says it knew all along that insurance premiums would go up as a result of this bill. Less than a year after the President said Democrats had agreed to ``reforms'' that would enable families to save on their premiums, the Secretary of Health and Human Services now says rates will increase substantially as a result of the bill--exactly the opposite of what was said during the debate.

And in what may turn out to be the most thoroughly discredited pledge about this bill, the President and other Democratic leaders assured their colleagues that Americans would come to like the health spending bill once it passed--they would come to like it. As for that claim, well, I think Politico put it best this morning:

Rarely have so many strategists been so wrong about something so big.

Rarely--rarely--have so many strategists been so wrong about something so big.

So Democrats were eager to listen to the strategists and the administration officials who told them what this bill would do and how it would be received, when what they should have been doing is listening to the American people, who never liked this bill--never liked it--and who knew it wouldn't deliver on the promises Democrats made. So this is no anniversary Democrats should be celebrating.

Americans have had it. The American people have had it. They have had it with Democrats focusing on their own pet issues at the exclusion of America's top priorities, and they are tired of being told that if only the Democrats pass their agenda these priorities will somehow be met. Well, the results are in. The results are in. The Democratic agenda has been a failure for the economy and for jobs. It is time to move on. It is time to start listening instead of dictating. Americans are speaking out. It is time Democrats in Congress start listening.

Madam President, I suggest the absence of a quorum.


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