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Pelosi Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


Location: Washington, DC

Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins today and runs through October 15:

"Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to honor the achievements of Hispanic Americans in all facets of our national life -- in politics and public service, in business and education, in music and the arts -- and to celebrate the contributions of the Hispanic community to our history, heritage, and culture.

"During this month, we reflect on the many challenges facing Hispanic Americans -- challenges shared by all Americans -- in securing a job, caring for our families, educating our children, and rebuilding our economy. And we pledge to come together to address our country's most pressing problems.

"The Democratic-led Congress has acted to build a future of economic security for Latino families and all Americans. We've worked to create and save jobs, strengthen small businesses, and extend health insurance to nearly 9 million Latinos currently lacking coverage. With Wall Street reform, we are cracking down on the predatory lenders that cost Latino families -- and millions more Americans -- their homes and life savings.

"To honor Hispanic Americans and our history as a bastion for immigrants from across the globe, we must pass comprehensive immigration reform. And I urge Senators from both parties to follow Senator Reid's leadership to pass the DREAM Act as a first step toward reaching that goal.

"Our country's success has long rested on the ideal that anyone can achieve the American dream, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or creed. And in this Hispanic Heritage Month, let us honor the Hispanic community's faith in that same ideal and in the promise of America as a land of opportunity, justice, and equality for all."

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