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Issue Position: Keeping Promises to Our Seniors by Preserving Medicare and Social Security Benefits

Issue Position

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"Our seniors deserve the peace of mind and certainty that the programs they've been planning their retirement around will remain intact and be the safety net they're meant to be." -- Ron Johnson

Preserving Medicare and Social Security and keeping the programs sustainable long-term are important steps in keeping America's promise to our seniors.

First and foremost, Medicare and Social Security must preserve benefits for current retirees and those approaching retirement.

Upcoming generations of Americans deserve a safety net, too. That's why Ron is committed to keeping these programs solvent and making reforms necessary to do so after first securing benefits for current retirees and those approaching retirement.

Ron is committed to going to Washington to fix the problems with our broken system and ensuring our seniors are cared for. This is no time to play politics with promises to our seniors, that's why Ron is serious about making reforms.

ObamaCare's Broken Promise to Seniors

ObamaCare represents a broken promise to seniors as it makes cuts to Medicare that will impact 100,000 Wisconsin seniors utilizing the Medicare Advantage program. ObamaCare makes $523 billion in Medicare cuts while increasing taxes by $569 billion. Russ Feingold provided the 60th vote for this legislation.

By repealing ObamaCare, which Ron supports, the Medicare cuts would be eliminated and Congress could start fresh on real reforms to bring down the cost of health care and make Medicare solvent in order to fix problems like the "donut hole."

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