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Brady Leads Jobs Rally in Rockton

Press Release

Location: Rockton, IL

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady will join local officials, business leaders and workers at a jobs rally in Rockton on Monday at Chemtool Incorporated.

Joined by Senators Dave Syverson, Brad Burzynski, and Tim Bivens along with Mayor Dale Adams, Brady will share his plan for enacting pro-jobs policies, and for fighting job-killing taxes that hurt Illinois families and businesses.

"Governor Quinn believes Illinois is in economic recovery," said Brady. "Tell that to the 26,000 workers who have lost their jobs in the past two months."

"Here in Winnebago County, the unemployment rate is over fourteen percent," he continued. "This is not an economic recovery; it is a crisis that a Brady administration will solve from day one."

Brady stressed the enactment of pro-jobs policies that will attract new businesses and help current employers expand. Brady's comprehensive plan includes tax cuts for job creators and a top to bottom regulatory review of onerous regulations.

Brady also wants to permanently extend the Research and Development tax credit to businesses such as Chemtool.

"The anti-jobs approach and tax and spend policies of the Quinn administration are not working for Chemtool or other businesses in Illinois," Brady said.

"We must provide employers the tools they need to succeed here in Illinois, so they are not forced to take their jobs and the revenue those jobs create, across the border to Wisconsin. As the next Governor of Illinois, I will do exactly that."

Brady has been endorsed by labor, the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Manufactures' Association and National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Brady (R-Bloomington) is a small business owner who has represented his community as state Senator since 2002. He is running for Governor to bring a clean break to Illinois and build a job-growing environment. More information can be found at

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