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Argall: Holden Ignores the "Blue Dog Conservatives" in Order to Raise Taxes

Press Release

Location: Pottsville, PA

Dave Argall, Republican nominee for Pennsylvania's 17th Congressional District, today noted that Congressman Holden has failed to sign a letter sent out from Conservative Democrat "Blue Dogs" urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer to extend the 2001 income tax cuts. "I applaud the 'Blue Dog' efforts in standing up for the American people on this issue in order to spur job growth and prosperity, but I want to know why Tim Holden has ignored the conservative cause at this critical time, when this district really needs his support" stated Argall.

"While the 'Blue Dog' letter states, "In recent weeks, we have heard from a diverse spectrum of economists, small business owners, and families who have voiced concerns that raising any taxes right now could negatively impact economic growth,' Tim Holden wouldn't know since he refuses to listen to taxpayers. He has not held one town hall meeting in years," continued Argall.

"Two weeks ago in Reading, Holden announced his support for higher social security taxes. Now, he's talking about raising everyone's federal income taxes. Doesn't he understand that in the midst of this terrible recession, the worst in our lifetimes, now is the worst possible time to raise our taxes?" Argall noted.

"Tim Holden should be joining those Congressmen, Republicans and Democrats to preserve the tax cuts rather than disregarding economists, small business owners and families. In this district, families will see an average of $1,474 increase in their taxes each year thanks to Congressman Holden's higher tax agenda with Speaker Pelosi. During tough times for our families, small businesses and seniors, we should not be raising taxes. Unfortunately, this district has a Congressman that won't take advice from the people he works for; the taxpayers," concluded Argall.

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