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Issue Position: Social Security

Issue Position

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Seniors in our district depend on Social Security. As a conservative, I believe that it is essential for Congress to honor the obligations we have made to those dependent on this system. It is essential that we recognize our duty to ensure that our seniors are cared for. I believe the best way to ensure that we meet these obligations is to look at ways that we can grow our economy, rather than slashing benefits or raising taxes. Congress should not enact any change to Social Security, including privatization or increasing the retirement age, that threatens the ability of our seniors to receive the benefits they have been promised.

Jason Altmire's votes for excessive spending, including consecutive $1 Trillion deficit budgets, and the stimulus bill that cost $787 billion, are pushing Social Security into a tenuous position, putting the entire system in peril. Cutting Social Security benefits does not solve the problem. Instead of endangering the income of seniors and those soon to retire, we must address the spending issue.

We cannot continue on our current path of borrowing forty-two cents of every dollar we spend. The only way to ensure our long term economic success is to reduce deficit spending and create jobs. When the economy is back on solid ground, we must look at bi-partisan options that will ensure the long term viability of the Social Security system.

Nearly 10% unemployment, combined with out of control government spending, has exacerbated a problem that has been on the horizon for a while: the long-term solvency of Social Security. The best way to ensure that Social Security remains solvent is to improve the economy, ensuring that there are enough people paying into the system to continue benefits on which our seniors rely. With more workers paying into the system, and Congress being much more disciplined in its discretionary spending, we will be on much better footing to ensure that our responsibilities are met.

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