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WLOX - Palazzo Opens Harrison Co. Campaign Headquarters

News Article

Location: Gulfport, MS

By David Elliott

Republican candidate for Congress, State Representative Steven Palazzo cut the ribbon on his Harrison County campaign headquarters Monday. Supporters turned out to hear a message from the candidate that was full of optimism.

"Every day we're building momentum and we're not even close to peaking yet," Palazzo told the crowd. "The ground swell of support across the district, especially on the coast, is fabulous."

Palazzo is riding a national wave of change. Republicans are hoping to recapture control of Congress with Democratic leaders burdened by low approval ratings. Palazzo said he thinks the time is right to push conservative issues.

"If people in Washington were serious about creating jobs, we would make tax cuts permanent, repeal "Obamacare,' give up on cap and trade, and stop reckless spending. I'll fight House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama."

This Republican challenger believes he has momentum on his side to pull an upset in November. He's also encouraged by the latest polling data gathered by his campaign staff.

"We've got our first poll numbers. It shows we're only four points behind. I think if the election was held today, we'd be victorious."

Palazzo's Harrison County campaign headquarters is located at 2160 East Pass Road in Gulfport. Palazzo has opened five campaign headquarters around the 4th Congressional District. The next opening will take place October 1st in Laurel. The general election is November 2nd.

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