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Blog: Taylor Supports Near Two - Trillion Dollar Tax Hike


Location: Unknown

Once again, Gene Taylor is playing both sides of the fence in an effort to blind his constituents with his pseudo-conservatism. He claims to be fiscally conservative, yet in a recent interview with the Sun Herald, contradicted his own claims. Taylor stated that he opposes extending the Bush-era tax cuts that are set to expire this year. The expiration of the cuts amounts to a nearly $2 trillion dollar tax hike over ten years. His reasoning behind this is that "You cannot spend more and collect less". A true fiscal conservative knows otherwise. During the darkest days of the depression, President Hoover signed the 1932 Revenue Act, one of the largest tax increases in peace time history, and terribly worsened the Great Depression. Taylor's support of a nearly $2 trillion dollar tax hike during a recession would devastate our fragile economy.

As a CPA, I know that an entity cannot successfully operate without a balanced budget. My solution for balancing the budget and creating real jobs is simple: cut taxes for working families and small business owners, reduce litigation, freeze the out of control spending and pay down the $14 trillion debt. When families and small businesses pay less in taxes, they have more money to save or invest, which will create a surge of new revenues and jobs. Mr. Taylor, if we cut out the unnecessary spending, there won't be any need to raise taxes. This simply will not happen under Nancy Pelosi's leadership.

The problem is that while Taylor may claim to be conservative, he will always vote with his party at the end of the day. Taylor is a Democrat, a party with the most reckless liberal politicians our country has ever seen. Why else would a so-called conservative like him vote for Nancy Pelosi, the most liberal representative in Congress, to be Speaker of the House? He voted for her because the Democrats needed his vote. Taylor is supposed to be in Washington to represent South Mississippi, but I have to wonder which values a liberal from San Francisco might share with South Mississippians. Not a single one, in my opinion. Her liberal agenda is threatening to destroy our country and our way of life. It is time to stand up to this false representation by Taylor, and send him home.

These political games played by Gene Taylor are just further proof that he is a counterfeit conservative. They may have served him well in the past, but it is time he be held accountable by the voters of South Mississippi. This November, true conservatives will take back our country.

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