Blog: Nunnelee's Jobs Plan: A Vision for North Mississippi and America


By:  Alan Nunnelee
Date: Sept. 28, 2010
Location: Unknown

I'm committed to running this race on ideas and a vision for North Mississippi and America over the next two years, not political attacks. We need leaders that understand that government doesn't create jobs. Businesses create jobs. If we calm businesses' fears about the future, we can turn this economy around.

Small businesses aren't adding jobs because they're worried about three things:

* current and future regulations raising the cost of doing business,
* current and future tax increases,
* and the unsustainable level of spending and its consequences.

Problem: Regulations that have already passed and will be phased in over coming years, like ObamaCare and Washington's liberal financial "reform", create worry for small businesses. Possible regulations like cap-and-trade have a chilling effect on hiring.

* ObamaCare's regulations on businesses, like those requiring employers to file 1099 forms with every new purchase over $600, raises red tape costs.
* The threat of cap-and-trade legislation, which would raise taxes on fuel, looms over every small business in America. Cap-and-trade will increase the cost of production and transportation of goods. That's the last thing that is needed during a recession.
* New financial regulations will create massive new bureaucracies on the taxpayer dime. The additional regulations these bureaucracies will create will mean higher costs passed on through reduced credit, increased service fees and increased ATM fees. Some companies will just move overseas.


* Sen. Nunnelee supports legislation that would place a moratorium on any bill or regulation that would kill jobs.
* Sen. Nunnelee has signed a pledge that would repeal ObamaCare, and replace it with common sense healthcare reform.
* Sen. Nunnelee will oppose political agendas masquerading as science.
* Sen. Nunnelee opposes job-killing, back-door regulations written by bureaucrats in the Obama administration without Congressional approval.

Problem: This Congress has already passed hefty tax increases, and more are on the way. Congressman Childers has personally signed on to 14 new tax increases totaling $654 billion over the next five years. Those tax increases take money from the economy, curbing consumption and taking away capital that could be used to add jobs.

* When the 2001 and 2003 expire, taxes will go up on every American in every tax bracket, even the poorest Americans. Taxes on capital gains will go up, and taxes on dividends from stock purchases will more than double. The Death Tax will return. The child tax credit will be reduced.
* Even in the so-called "jobs bill" that this Congress passed, taxes are increased by over $40 billion. Among them are tax increases on real estate and family investment partnerships.
* ObamaCare will increase taxes on some healthcare plans and charge higher taxes on real estate transactions, among other things.


* Sen. Nunnelee has signed a pledge to oppose tax increases. He has voted for tax cuts over 150 times.
* Sen. Nunnelee believes the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts should be permanently extended for all to keep this economy moving.
* In this tough economy, Sen. Nunnelee supports giving small businesses a tax deduction for 20% of their income.
* Sen. Nunnelee will repeal the tax increases in ObamaCare.

Problem: Nancy Pelosi's Congress is spending uncontrollably. Small businesses and families are worried about the consequences of unprecedented debt, like inflation eroding the value of family savings or future tax increases.

* Nancy Pelosi's stimulus cost $800 billion, a cost greater than the Iraq War, and it failed to live up to its promises to contain unemployment. Congressman Travis Childers voted for it and still has the guts to claim to be a fiscal hawk.
* Over the next ten years, this Congress will add more to the national debt than was added under every President from George Washington to George Bush combined.


* Sen. Nunnelee held the line on excessive spending as Chairman of the State Senate Appropriations Committee, and he'll do the same in Washington. He supports ending wasteful earmarks.
* Sen. Nunnelee supports a top-to-bottom spending review of all federal agencies.
* Sen. Nunnelee believes unspent stimulus funds should be used to pay down the national debt.
* Congress needs to hold weekly votes on new ways to cut spending.
* Sen. Nunnelee supports a 10% across-the-board cut in spending in every agency, except Defense.
* Congress needs to put strict budget caps on discretionary spending to stop the senseless borrowing.

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