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Issue Position: Reforming Entitlement Programs for the 21st Century

Issue Position

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Arizona's population of senior citizens is above the national average, and will only continue to grow as the baby boom generation ages. Accordingly, assuring the solvency of America's retirement safety net is critical to hundreds of thousands of Arizonans who rely on Social Security. As all Americans have suffered the diminution of their savings through the reckless conduct and greed on Wall Street, assuring the long-term stability of Social Security is all the more essential to America's seniors and those nearing retirement.

No problem is in more need of attention and action by Congress than the looming financial challenges of entitlement programs. John McCain will fight to save the future of Social Security, and he believes that we may meet our obligations to the retirees of today and the future without raising taxes, which could further damage an already weak economy. John McCain will continue his efforts to reach across the aisle to address these challenges.

Assuring Solvency to Medicare

The sky-rocketing growth in health care costs threatens the ability of the Medicare program to adequately serve America's seniors, and endangers the nation's fiscal future. This problem is particularly acute in Arizona, which is expected to see its population of seniors comprise one fifth of the state's total population in less than 25 years. John McCain believes that we must pursue comprehensive health care reforms that will reduce the growth in health care costs to put Medicare back on solid footing, while improving the quality of care, and preserving the advancements in medical science central to providing quality care.

John McCain will continue to support reforming the payment systems in Medicaid and Medicare to compensate providers for diagnosis, prevention and care coordination. Medicaid and Medicare should not pay for preventable medical errors or mismanagement that drive up costs and put patients at risk. John McCain also believes we need to implement a zero tolerance policy towards Medicare and Medicaid fraud that is increasingly stripping away resources from the sick and the elderly.

Seniors in Arizona and across America face a growing threat from higher Medicare premiums that tax away their Social Security and retirement savings. John McCain supports comprehensive health care and Medicare reforms to reduce health care costs and control increases in premiums -- while delivering high-quality health care.

John McCain will continue his work in the Senate to bring greater affordability and competition to our drug markets through safe re-importation of drugs and faster introduction of generic drugs to enhance affordable access to innovative therapies for Americans.

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