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Issue Position: Good-Paying Jobs in New York

Issue Position

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Kirsten knows just how hard this economy has been for New York families. That's why she works each day to rebuild our economy so it works for all of us, and put New Yorkers back to work.

This year, she wrote legislation to cut taxes for businesses up to 20 percent when they make new hires. Economists say Kirsten's bill is one of the best ways to end chronic unemployment in New York by creating a large number of new jobs in a short period of time.

While fighting to create new jobs right now, Kirsten is also working to strengthen our economy for years to come. No other state can lead America in the new economy like New York. Last year, Kirsten launched her Innovation Agenda to tap into all of New York's potential to lead in the high-tech economy of the future. Her plan will retrain and retool our manufacturers to produce new sources of clean, homegrown energy to fuel our economy for the new century. It will invest in New York's world-class universities and research institutions to develop new technologies to turn our natural resources into renewable fuel for our cars, homes and businesses. It will produce more math and science teachers to ensure the next generation has the tools they need, and graduate more math, science, technology and engineering students to keep America competitive. And Kristen's Innovation Agenda will invest in local economic development clusters to restore the growth and vibrancy of each and every one of our communities.

Kirsten knows that the 21st century economy will need 21st century infrastructure. She's fighting to deliver New York its fair share of federal dollars to rebuild our aging roads and bridges, connect every corner of New York with broadband and high-speed rail, and update our health care system with health care IT to reduce costly medical errors, save lives and save millions in health care costs. Kirsten's infrastructure strategy for New York will create thousands of new jobs right here, connect our businesses with the rest of the state and the rest of the world, jump start a better, smarter New York, and grow our economy for the long term.

And after nearly a decade of getting squeezed with high costs and low wages, Kirsten fought hard to cut taxes for those who need it most: New York's middle class. Kirsten's middle class agenda helps New Yorkers keep more of what we earn and save across the board -- from making college tuition and owning a home more affordable, to holding the line on property taxes, Kirsten is fighting to create more opportunities for hardworking New Yorkers in need of real relief.

Kirsten's proposals are designed to help families on Main Street who have been hit the hardest by the economic downturn. That's her vision for New York and who she fights for everyday.

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