Issue Position: Develop Clean Energy Solutions

Issue Position

By:  Tim Scott
Location: Unknown

Tim Scott believes that we can meet our energy needs while preserving our natural environment, without a massive government regulatory program which will harm business and cost jobs. Tim opposes the Waxman-Markey Bill and other "cap and trade" proposals because they impose a massive tax and burdensome regulatory structure on carbon, one of the building blocks of life, and thereby cripple the ability of American businesses to compete globally.

Tim believes that our dependence on foreign energy sources is the largest single security threat to our nation. Tim therefore proposes supporting a wide array of market-based energy solutions, including exploring America's oil and natural gas reserves, and developing the potential of nuclear, biomass, wind, solar, hydrogen, fuel cell, coal, and other options. Tim believes that the federal government -- through tax incentives, research and development grants, and lifting of restrictive regulation -- can create the conditions necessary to allow the private sector to innovate, create American jobs, stimulate the economy, and develop clean energy solutions.

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