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Issue Position: Promote Our Values

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Tim Scott lives his South Carolina values -- hard work, religious faith, and giving back to the community -- and has inspired others to do the same.

A proud member of the NRA, Tim supports the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, and to defend themselves, their family and their property. Tim will protect our Second Amendment rights, which he believes is a fundamental freedom and a cornerstone of our democracy.

Tim Scott believes in the sanctity of traditional marriage between a man and a woman and opposes gay marriage.

Tim believes that a society is ultimately judged by how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable members. That is why he is 100% pro-life and opposes euthanasia and assisted suicide, as well as the non-consensual withholding of care because of disability, age, or infirmity. Tim will fight for the rights of the unborn, and will resist government funding for abortions.

Tim supports adult and cord blood stem cell research, but he opposes the use of taxpayer dollars for research on human embryos. He supports a ban on human cloning and on creation of human embryos solely for experimentation.

Tim has led the charge in standing up to the federal government when it intrudes on the rights of South Carolina. He believes that the Tenth Amendment is there for a reason, and that it means what it says -- the States and the people should control their own destinies, not the federal government. Every time the federal government ignores its constitutional limits with restrictive new mandates, the freedom of the citizens is eroded.

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