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Issue Position: Win the War on Terror

Issue Position

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Tim Scott believes that to win the War on Terror, we have to leave our political correctness behind and deal honestly with the root of the problem -- radical Islam, which is irreconcilable with both the modern world and our American values.

The Jihadists' views on the role of women, their religious intolerance towards Christians and Jews, their application of medieval religious law, and their encouragement of murdering innocent human lives makes them incompatible with everything America stands for. Tim believes that America cannot negotiate with terrorists or terror-sponsoring states.

Tim opposes relocating the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to American soil. Guantanamo is a well-run, state of the art facility that is remote, secure, and in which prisoners are treated humanely, with no signs of detainee mistreatment. Moving those detainees to a base on the American mainland would make that base a terrorist target. Tim believes that war criminals should be tried by military tribunals, not the US court system, which is not designed for matters of national security.

Tim supports a strong counterinsurgency operation in Afghanistan, with appropriate levels of forces, as determined by commanders on the ground. This has worked in Iraq. A retreat in Afghanistan would embolden our enemies, and allow Al Qaeda to prosper.

Tim believes that Iran is currently the most dangerous country in the world, and the most aggressive state sponsor of terrorism. President Obama's policy of reaching out and recognizing the Islamic regime has failed and has only emboldened the extremist leaders to pursue nuclear weapons. The Iranian people are cultured and educated, but their leadership is radical and power-hungry. Tim believes the US should carefully consider all options, including crippling economic sanctions, promoting civil unrest by pro-democracy groups, military strikes and eventually regime change. The people of Iran are not happy with their regime, which has isolated and destabilized their country; they will stand up and fight if they see that we are behind them.

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