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Calling For Extension of Tax Cuts

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BRIGHT. Mr. Speaker, after traveling my district over the August work period, it is clear that my constituents' top concern are jobs and the economy. These are the same concerns they have raised for nearly 2 years since I have been in Congress, indicating that not enough has been done to get Americans back to work.

They also expressed deep worry that the tax relief passed in 2001 and 2003 will soon expire. In an economy still struggling to recover, allowing taxes to increase on nearly all Americans is unacceptable.

Though many in Washington seem to have just awakened to the idea that tax cuts are going to go up next year unless action is taken, I took the lead as far back as January in calling for the current tax rates to be extended for 2 years as a way to ensure economic stability.

Our economy is in trouble. We need to stabilize it and give it some opportunity to get back on its feet and move forward. There is widespread, bipartisan consensus for some of these tax
breaks to be temporarily extended. Instead of using the issue to score political points, let's come together and find a way to extend these tax breaks for 2 years and revisit the issue when the economy is on better footing. It is the least we can do to provide economic stability in an otherwise unstable time. We need to work for America for a change, not for party labels. You can't tell me that all Republicans are right and all Democrats are wrong. We need to come together as Americans and stabilize our economy for the long-term benefit of our country as a whole.


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