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Tipton Calls on Salazar to Pull False TV Ads

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Tipton Contacts 80,000 Seniors Throughout District to Set the Record Straight

Businessman Scott Tipton today formally called upon Congressman John Salazar to stop running a negative campaign television commercial that egregiously distorts Tipton's statements on Social Security and Medicare.

From Salazar's TV commercial:

False Claim: "Scott Tipton supported privatizing social security."

But the Truth Is: Salazar uses information from articles that ran in the Durango Herald and Pueblo Chieftain that clearly define Scott Tipton's commitment to preserving Social Security and Medicare for our seniors. Salazar purposely and cynically foreshortened a quote by Tipton that affirms "I'll fight to get people who are owed Social Security all they have coming." Nowhere in either of these stories does Scott Tipton support privatizing Social Security. According to his campaign website, Tipton "will not support the privatization of Social Security."

False Claim: (Tipton) "proposed cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits in half."

But the Truth Is: Salazar cites a message from Tipton to his supporters advocating a return to smaller government. There is no reference to Social Security or Medicare in the message. Scott Tipton has never advocated for cutting Social Security or Medicare in half.

False Claim: "Now Tipton says Social Security and Medicare will have to be phased out altogether."

But the Truth Is: Salazar refers to a July 11 Pueblo Chieftain article containing not a single quote from Scott Tipton that backs up Salazar's misinformation. Scott Tipton does not support phasing out Social Security or Medicare for our seniors.

"I ask John Salazar to immediately withdraw the false and misleading Social Security negative attack ad he is running. I have made it clear on my website and I made it clear directly to Congressman Salazar at the recent Club 20 Debate that I do not support privatizing or cutting Social Security. To say differently in a paid advertisement is patently false and is simply designed to scare senior citizens," said Scott Tipton.

He added, "Social Security is supposed to be in a secure trust fund, but through the efforts of those including John Salazar, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic leadership, it continues to be raided to support rabid, irresponsible government spending sprees that are going to bankrupt America. John Salazar's voted with Nancy Pelosi for a budget with a trillion-dollar deficit, he voted for a the failed $787 billion stimulus and he voted to increase the national debt ceiling to over $14 trillion. Then he voted to reduce Medicare by over $500 billion."

"Senior citizens and the rest of the electorate have plenty to worry about when it comes to John Salazar's record of putting our nation's finances on shaky ground, but they shouldn't have any concerns about my position on Social Security, " Tipton concluded.

"Straight out of the national Democrat playbook, Congressman John Salazar's campaign is using campaign funds to falsely scare seniors about Social Security," said Tipton campaign spokesman Sean Walsh. "Mr. Salazar's claims are wrong, he knows they are wrong, and yet he continues to misguide voters in a desperate attempt to win an election. The Congressman should do the right thing and pull these advertisements immediately."

In an effort to straighten the record out Scott Tipton sent the following telephone recording to 80,000 senior citizens across Colorado's 3rd Congressional District yesterday:

"Hello, this is Scott Tipton, candidate for Congress. My opponent, Congressman John Salazar, has launched a vicious and desperate ad campaign that attempts to put words in my mouth on Social Security. I do not support privatizing or cutting Social Security. Never have. Here's the real problem. John Salazar voted for the failed stimulus, government run health care and budget-busting bailout. He raided the Social Security trust fund to pay for this reckless spending.

I want to shore up the Social Security system by cutting the reckless spending. I need your help. Join the Scott Tipton team and say no to John Salazar's desperate attack."

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