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Tipton Slams Salazar Over Spending, Debt and Job-Killing Votes

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Location: Unknown

Businessman defines "fundamental policy differences" with Democrat opponent during Club 20 debate; Salazar acknowledges wasteful spending

Businessman Scott Tipton this evening emerged the clear winner in a debate with Democrat Congressman John Salazar, describing his opponent's liberal record as out of touch with Colorado's Third Congressional District. "We need to elect someone who will stand with you, the taxpayers," Tipton told the audience. "Instead we have a Congressman who voted with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time. John, it's time for you to come home. We can't afford you anymore," he told Salazar.

Throughout the one-hour debate Tipton repeatedly drew contrasts between his common sense positions and Salazar's job-killing votes on a variety of issues of concern to Colorado voters.

Stimulus Spending: "Congressman when you had the chance to strip out waste, you instead voted to spend money on lobster research in Maine, a future weatherman program in San Jose and a tattoo removal program in California." Salazar expressed regret for the votes. "There are some wasteful things in there," Salazar said.

Seniors: "Congressman, you voted to cut Medicare by $500 billion. If elected, I'll fight to protect our seniors and I will not support privatization of Social Security."

Health Care: "Let's repeal and replace Obamacare. Congressman what are you so afraid of? Let the free markets work. Incentivize people to make their own healthcare choice. Allow people to buy insurance across state lines." Stifled laughter could be heard when Salazar insisted Obamacare was the largest deficit reduction bill introduced.

Energy: "Cap and Trade may have failed, but we're hearing from the bureaucracy they're going to enforce it anyway from a regulatory point of view. We need to have a Congressman who is willing to cut though the red tape for jobs out here on the Western Slope." After Tipton's remarks, Salazar said he agreed with Tipton's positions on an all of the above energy policy.

Scott Tipton is a 30-year Colorado small business owner who has a proven track record of creating private sector jobs, balancing a real budget and making tough choices -- responsibilities the Democrat-controlled Congress has failed to uphold.

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