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The Real Nikki Haley: Sheheen Launches New Ad, Statewide Tour

Press Release

Location: Camden, SC

Today, Vincent Sheheen, candidate for governor, traveled around the state by airplane to five different locations to discuss the launch of his new commercial and to outline Nikki Haley's tax problems. Stopping in Columbia, Aiken, Greenville, Myrtle Beach and Charleston, Sheheen pointed out that Nikki Haley lacks two basic qualifications: integrity and competence.

Sheheen had this to say: "Representative Haley claims she should be elected governor because she's a champion of transparency and because she's an accountant. But, she is not credible on either."

Representative Haley has not paid her personal income taxes on time for five years and twice it took her a year to file her returns. Her family business suffered tax liens after twice failing to pay corporate income taxes and not paying employees' withholding tax. Additionally, she was penalized in 2008 for failing to pay her property taxes. She has been forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines and penalties.

Sheheen said, "I would expect someone with an accounting degree to be competent enough to pay her taxes. I would expect someone running for governor to have the courage to accept responsibility for her mistakes. But like her mentor Mark Sanford, Representative Haley believes the rules should not apply to her."

"Representative Haley couldn't get a job at the Department of Revenue with her resume. Yet, she expects South Carolina to trust her to run state government. After the last eight years of deceit and scandal, we must elect a governor we can trust. Here's my message to all South Carolinians: You can trust me," he concluded.

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