Folsom Cozy with Special Interest and Professional Lobbyist


By:  Kay Ivey
Date: Sept. 20, 2010
Location: Unknown

Based on the latest campaign financial reports, it is clear that special interests and professional lobbyist are determined to protect the system they have helped create by coming to the aid of their longtime friend Democrat Incumbent Jim Folsom, Jr. For over 30 years, Folsom has carried the water for those that helped create the system from which they operate and benefit.

From day one, I have been the underdog in this race to change the current leadership and political environment that has controlled the Alabama legislature for 136 years. Time and time again we have seen that the candidate that raises the most money does not determine the pathway to victory. Throughout the country, as well as here in Alabama, we have witnessed voters responding to the candidate representing change while turning out the candidate of choice by special interest. Even Folsom has experienced defeat as a result of people rejecting his gubernatorial candidacy when in 1994 he outspent his opponent by millions and was handed defeat by the voters. On the other hand, in 2002 I received the overwhelming support of the people when my opponent out spent me 3 to 1. In 2006, voters once again responded very favorably and I was humbled as a result of receiving the most votes of any candidate in a statewide contested election.

I believe we will see the same trend in 2010 when voters respond again to support the candidate with a conservative message that provides the best opportunity to help restore integrity and trust to the Alabama Senate. From every indication, people are fed up with the culture of corruption that has been created by special interest working with the Democrat controlled legislature.

Alabama voters are ready to fight back. We deserve better --- we can do better.

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