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Issue Position: Evolution VS Creation

Issue Position

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After talking to parents and educators around the district, this issue is something that divides people and has distracted the SBOE from focusing on so many other issues to say the least. I think this issue should not be as controversial as it has been. This has been a leadership problem, not a policy problem. When the SBOE adopted the science curriculum under Chairwoman Tincy Miller, there was no controversy or national headlines. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said under my opponent's tenure as chairman.

I believe the Bible tells us who created the Earth and why. I believe science tells us when the Earth was created and how. Neither is designed to tell the other story, therefore we shouldn't ask them to try.

I believe God created the Heavens and the Earth millions and millions of years ago. I do not believe, as my opponent does, that the Earth is a mere few thousand years old, nor do I believe, as my opponent does, that dinosaurs and mankind lived at the same time.

For those who have followed this issue during the debate at the SBOE, I offer the following explanation of my position on this issue. Had I been a member of the SBOE at the time when the science curriculum was adopted, I would have voted with Bob Craig, Tincy Miller and the majority of the board members to adopt the science curriculum.

I will pledge to keep curriculum honest and focus our energies on the enormous job of helping students, parents and educators make our schools the best and safest places in the world.

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