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Issue Position: Education Philosophy

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"If you serve a child a rotten hamburger in America, federal, state and local agencies will investigate you, summon you, close you down, whatever. But if you provide a child with a rotten education, nothing happens, except that you're liable to be given more money to do it with." --

President Ronald W. Reagan

Education changes lives! I know this first hand, as a migrant farm worker of extreme poverty with illiterate first generation Hispanic parents. I am resolved that to be an educator and a leader is to serve the children and community. It is the SBOE's responsibility to remove traditional obstacles that research suggest are inherent and instill in our future generations to believe, to dream and to pursue goals.

As a member of the SBOE I envisioned an open door policy, a responsive, servant leader, visible and active in school and community events. I enjoy engaging in conversations with parents about how to improve learning and the learning environment for students.

Undoubtedly all schools need to pick up the pace of reform and intensify their focus on enabling students to perform at higher levels. As twenty-first generation educators we must rethink how we can educate this generation as many will work in jobs that are yet to be created. Our charter is to provide a "guaranteed and viable curiculum" (Marzano 2003) that teaches our future graduates to be conpetant innovators, problem solvers and contributing society members.

SBOE's goal is simple "to organize and lead schools so all young people are able to perform at the highest levels possible." This is our greatest commandment. The administrative and operational dimensions are very important, but they are secondary to the task of creating districts where the emphasis is on academic performance.

All students can learn, given a positive learning atmosphere that welcomes exploration and enhances student confidence. I believe that it is an educator's mission to make school enjoyable and exciting -- if students look forward to attending school they will LEARN.

To meet the needs identified by school community stakeholders, we must work collaboratively with the Regional Services Centers/district, and celebrate accomplishments with the childrren and the community and we will gradually move community support for education and get the general public involved. Additonally, I believe that administration who listens effectively dispels many complaints, bolsters volunteerism, and generates a healthy school climate resulting in positive morale for students, parents and staff.

Moreover, to meeting and exceeding our adademic goals, I visualize a SBOE that nutures an ethic of caring and service in our children and guides them in developing their leadership skills, so that they are ready to lead. Positive impact in my view begins with our learning and personal commitment to education.

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