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Remarks by President Obama and Premier Wen Jiabao of China After Bilateral Meeting

Location: New York, NY

United Nations Headquarters

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I want to welcome Premier Wen to the United States, and once again say what an outstanding partner he's been over the last 21 months since I've been in office.

Along with President Hu, Premier Wen I think has exhibited extraordinary openness and cooperation with us as we try to strengthen the relationship between our two countries, a relationship that is based on cooperation, on mutual interest, on mutual respect.

We have worked together on a whole range of issues. Obviously one of the most important issues has been to deal with the financial crisis and the recession that traveled around the world over the last several years. In the G20 our cooperation I think has been absolutely critical.

I should probably actually let somebody translate now. (Laughter.)

Even as we've stabilized the world economy so that it is growing again and trade is growing again, we've also been working on a host of other issues that are of common interest.

For example, we've cooperated extensively on issues of nuclear nonproliferation, and we have also had very frank discussions and cooperated on issues of climate change.

Obviously we continue to have more work to do. On the economic front, although the world economy is now growing again, I think it's going to be very important for us to have frank discussions and continue to do more work cooperatively in order to achieve the type of balance and sustained economic growth that is so important and that we both signed up for in the context of the G20 framework.

And we also I think have to work cooperatively together in order to achieve regional peace and stability, because the world looks to the relationship between China and the United States as a critical ingredient on a whole range of security issues around the world.

Fortunately, the Strategic and Economic Dialogue that we've set up provides an excellent forum for us to work through a range of bilateral as well as multilateral issues.

I have great confidence in the interest of both President Hu and Premier Wen to continue on the path of cooperation and mutually beneficial policies. I look forward to seeing them at the G20 and APEC this fall. And I'm looking forward hopefully to the possibility of President Hu visiting us for an official state visit sometime in the near future.

So, Premier Wen, to you and your delegation, welcome. And let me once again express on behalf of the American people our desire to continue to build a growing friendship and strong relationship between the peoples of China and the United States.


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