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Rooney Presents "A Pledge to America"

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney (FL-16) released the following statement today as House Republicans presented A Pledge to America, a new governing agenda that offers concrete solutions that should be implemented immediately to address the American people's top priorities, including job creation, deficit reduction, national security, health care and reform to Congress itself.

"For the last two years, the American people have been speaking out against the Washington agenda of more spending, more borrowing and more taxes. They have clamored for new ideas and better solutions, but the Majority party has ignored their voices.

"Floridians deserve a new agenda that puts their priorities above growing the size and scope of the federal government. A Pledge to America sets forward a new set of priorities to create jobs, rein in spending, provide strong national security, repeal and replace the flawed health care bill, and change the culture of a dysfunctional Congress.

"A Pledge to America is the product of months of listening to the American people. These are your solutions to your concerns. We will begin to fight for these priorities today."

The Pledge is the culmination of a months-long listening project with the American people during which House Republicans, including Congressman Rooney, sought their ideas, solutions and priorities.

View the full pledge here:


Our Plan to End the Uncertainty and Create Incentives for Job Growth

* Permanently stop all job-killing tax hikes
* Give small businesses a 20 percent tax deduction
* Rein in Washington red tape by requiring Congressional approval of costly federal regulations
* Repeal job-killing small business mandates

Our Plan to Stop Out-of-Control Spending and Reduce the Size of Government

* Immediately cancel unspent stimulus spending, end TARP, and end government control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
* Roll back non-defense spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels and establish a hard cap on new discretionary spending
* Cut Congress' budget and impose a net hiring freeze on non-security federal employees
* Hold weekly votes on spending cuts, root out government waste, and sunset outdated and duplicative programs

Our Plan to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare

* Repeal the $1 trillion ObamaCare
* Enact medical liability reform
* Allow American families and small businesses to purchase health insurance across state lines
* Expand health savings accounts
* Ensure access for patients with pre-existing conditions
* Permanently prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion

Our Plan to Reform Congress and Restore Trust

* Publish all bills online for three days before votes
* Require each bill to include a clause citing the specific Constitutional authority that justifies it
* Make it easier to cut spending by allowing any lawmaker to offer amendments to reduce spending
* End "omnibus" bills that package unpopular issues with must-pass legislation

Our Plan to Keep Our Nation Secure at Home and Abroad

* Pass clean troop funding bills
* Keep Guantanamo detainees off American soil
* Try foreign terrorists in military, not civilian, court, and block efforts to extend Miranda Rights to foreign terrorists
* Fully fund missile defense
* Require tough enforcement of sanctions against Iran
* Take control of our border by enforcing our laws and giving Border Control the tools and authorities it needs
* Work with state and local officials to enforce immigration laws
* Strengthen visa security to stop terrorists like the Christmas Day bomber

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