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Issue Position: Energy & The Environment

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

As a lifelong environmentalist, hiker, skier, and lover of the outdoors, Ann McLane Kuster has a deep and personal connection to environmental issues.

In her campaign for Congress, Annie has been endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters, which pointed to Annie as the best candidate in this race for protecting the environment and growing clean energy jobs.

Beginning with a youth spent in the ourdoors and an undergraduate degree in environmental policy, Annie has a lifelong commitment to a safe and clean environment. This led her, among other things, to:

* Serve on the New Hampshire advisory board for the Trust for Public Lands

* Work with her friends and neighbors as a volunteer to successfully persuade lawmakers to ban the hazardous burning of toxic construction & demolition debris in New Hampshire.

* Help save two local family farms from development so that they could be enjoyed by their entire community

Climate Change

* Annie is deeply concerned about climate change and believes our country has a duty to lead the world in combating it.

* Specifically, Annie believes that investment in clean and renewable energy, and a focus on improving energy efficiency will create of new American jobs, make us safer by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, and have substantive and positive impact on climate change.

* Annie also supports efforts to give companies market-based incentives to create energy in cleaner ways that don't leave taxpayers paying clean-up costs.

Nuclear Power

* Annie has serious concerns about the safety and the extremely high taxpayer costs of expanding nuclear power.

* We can't afford the billions of taxpayer dollars that would needed to subsidize the power companies as they build new nuclear power plants.

* We've already seen the serious safety concerns with the recent leakages of Tritium and other chemicals at the nearby Vermont Yankee plant.

* There are a number unanswered questions about were we store the fuel and the waste from nuclear power plants in a way that is safe from terrorists and environmental damage.

* Instead of spending money on new nuclear power plants, Annie believes our tax dollars would be better spent investing in safe, clean renewable energy resources.

Ending Subsidies and Better Oversight of Energy Companies

* Annie believes we need to change the broken system in Washington that has given tens of billions of dollars in subsidies to big oil and energy companies and avoided real safeguards or oversight at the expense of the rest of the country.

* Instead, Annie believes we need to invest in the safe, renewable energy technologies -- from wind turbines and solar panels to wood pellet heating and low-power light bulbs -- that are already employing thousands in New Hampshire.

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