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Gov. Perry Announces TEF Investment Bringing 350 Jobs to Irving

Location: Austin, TX

Thank you Senator Harris for that introduction and thank you all for being here today.

It's a great day to be in Irving as we share news that is great for the local economy and reflective of our state's overall economic health.

I'm here to announce a Texas Enterprise Fund investment of $1.6 million in Healthcare Management Systems that will lead to the creation of 350 new jobs building on the 671 jobs they already have here in Texas.

Now Healthcare Management Systems, or HMS, was doing what many businesses have been doing in these tight economic times and seeking ways to do business in a more cost-effective fashion.

They looked at the situation in New York City, where their company was headquartered and realized that Texas offered them what they needed to maintain their strong position in their industry.

As a result of their analysis, and a collaborative effort to draw them to Texas, they are consolidating operations from multiple locations and expanding their presence in Texas.

I want to thank the City of Irving for your investment in this opportunity and want to congratulate the Irving Economic Development Partnership for the success of your efforts.

All across Texas, municipalities and their economic development corporations are teaming up with the Texas Enterprise Fund to make a very compelling case for doing business in Texas.

They play a key role in our state's economic strength helping us maintain our national lead in job creation along with exports and Fortune 1000 companies.

The strength starts with Texans: the people who buckle down and do the work it takes to build and sustain a business.

They're succeeding in a job-friendly environment we've worked very hard to cultivate with our combination of low taxes and low government spending our predictable regulations a reformed legal system and increasingly accountable public schools.

Given the serious problems in the national and global economy, the positive aspects of our economy really stand out, like all the jobs Texas has been gaining.

If you're not impressed with the fact that Texas has created more jobs this year than any other state talk to one of those people who started the year unemployed and are now drawing a paycheck and providing for their family.

Our success is inspiring employers in other states who are seeking relief from the growing tax burdens and increasing government interference that are increasingly common elsewhere.

I imagine the folks at HMS can tell you more about that.
Decisions like theirs are further proof we're on the right track reaping the benefits of years of policy decisions that are job-friendly and fiscally disciplined.

Employing programs like the Texas Enterprise Fund, we have sent a clear message to employers that Texas is a place where you can succeed.

Since the Fund was created, it has helped secure more than 53,600 new Texas jobs and $14.4 billion in capital investment that could have gone elsewhere.

Efforts like these to create good jobs in Texas along with the paychecks that go with them are entirely worth the investment.

On behalf of more than 24 million Texans, I welcome Healthcare Management Systems leadership to Texas and wish you the best in your new home as you continue to generate jobs and create prosperity.

Now, to discuss the thought process behind their decision I'd like to introduce Bill Lucia, President and Chief Executive Officer, of Healthcare Management Systems.

Thank you, Bill and thank you to all of HMS for your faith in Texas.

You're going to love it here.

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