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Issue Position: Taxes & The Deficit

Issue Position

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Ann McLane Kuster supports tax relief for the middle class and never supported George W. Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. As a frugal Yankee, she believes cutting the long-term deficit should be a top priority for the country.

Middle Class Tax Relief, Not Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Instead of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, Annie supported tax relief for middle class families, keeping the deficit under control and investing in the job-creation that was missing over much of the past decade.

In New Hampshire, more than 36% of the benefits of the Bush tax cuts went to the wealthiest 1% income-earners in the state. Now that the Bush tax cuts are expiring, we have a chance to correct the mistakes that did so much damage to our economy.

Annie Kuster supports President Obama's move to stop US companies from hiding money offshore to skip out on U.S. taxes, and she is eager to create a truly level playing field -- one where everyone can succeed.

Cutting the Deficit

Annie is a frugal Yankee, and she believes that our tax dollars must be spent wisely or not spent at all.

Getting the long-term deficit under control will be one of Annie's top priorities in Washington.

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