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Mack Commends Florida Attorney General for Pursuing Lawsuit Against Unconstitutional ObamaCare


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Connie Mack (FL-14) applauded Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and his staff today for their efforts to protect Florida from burdensome and unconstitutional federal mandates. This morning, a federal district judge in Pensacola heard oral arguments in the lawsuit filed by McCollum and 19 other state Attorneys General challenging the constitutionality of ObamaCare.

Mack said:

"I applaud Attorney General McCollum for leading the legal challenge against ObamaCare, which is unconstitutional and infringes on state sovereignty. Nowhere does the Constitution grant the federal government the authority to force individuals to purchase health insurance or anything else.

"As more and more news continues to emerge about the law's cost, implementation failures, and outrageous tax burdens, the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress who supported it are running for the hills. They hope the American people will forget that they pushed through a massive government takeover of health care that will ration care, increase taxes, and load even more debt onto our children and grandchildren.

"I urge my Democratic colleagues to stand up for individual rights and state sovereignty and join our efforts to repeal the law. We must put an end to unconstitutional mandates and protect Americans from the continued overreach of the ever-growing federal government."

Mack is an outspoken critic of ObamaCare and was one of the first Members of Congress to introduce legislation to repeal it.

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