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Herrera: Unemployment Rises, New Direction Needed

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Jaime Herrera issued the following statement today in response to latest unemployment report showing the number of jobless Southwest Washington residents grew in August:

"Despite all the state government bailouts, the so-called stimulus spending, and all the DC talk about recovery, even more folks here are looking for work. Six of the seven counties in this Congressional District are suffering double-digit employment. In Clark County alone 13.9 percent are jobless.

"These numbers show that Southwest Washington and our country are still going in the wrong direction. More government spending won't create permanent, private sector jobs; it will jeopardize them. I'm the candidate in this race offering a different approach: stop handing taxpayers bills for additional stimulus plans and bailouts; pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to force government to tighten its belt; extend the tax cuts for all Americans. We don't need a complex scheme of government programs and loopholes for certain industries chosen by government agencies; we need government to let entrepreneurs and investors do what they do best and grow businesses. Only then will new jobs be created in Southwest Washington."

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