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Wilson Votes to "Make it in America"

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Wilson Votes to "Make it in America"

Today, Rep. Charlie Wilson (OH-6) voted to boost the American manufacturing industry and create jobs by requiring the U.S. Congress and the Department of Homeland Security to purchase products that are made in America. The two bills, the Congressional Made in America Promise Act and the Berry Amendment Extension Act, are part of the Democratic "Make it in America" national manufacturing strategy to create the high-skill, high-wage jobs of the future--promoting American competitiveness, innovation, and exports.

"This summer I traveled up and down the Ohio River and visited local plants that will benefit from this type of legislation," Wilson said. "We need to get back to making things in America; it's the right thing to do and will put people back to work."

The Congressional Made in America Promise Act requires Congress to buy goods and services made by American workers for the first time since "Buy American" rules were instituted for federal agencies under President Roosevelt in 1933, including tighter Buy American requirements for items featuring the seal of Congress, the House, or Senate.

The Berry Amendment Extension Act bars the Department of Homeland Security from buying clothing, tents and other products that are not "grown, reprocessed, reused or produced" in America. For the last 60 years, the Berry Amendment has served our nation well requiring the Defense Department and the Coast Guard to buy a range of domestically produced or grown items with 100% U.S. content, and today we are voting to cover the DHS.

The Democratic "Make it in America" strategy also includes:

* Closing tax loopholes that encourage corporations to outsource U.S. jobs overseas.
* Providing hometown tax credits to help small businesses hire new employees and sell their products and innovation overseas.
* Boosting incentives to create American clean energy jobs like making state-of-the-art wind turbines and solar panels which are paid for by ending corporate welfare to Big Oil.
* Strengthening rules that the U.S. and its contractors buy products made in America, especially to build transportation, energy, and communications infrastructure.
* Demanding that China and other countries honor fair trade principles or lose American business.
* Giving incentives to hire and re-train America's returning veterans for new clean energy jobs.
* Strengthening partnerships with businesses to retrain America's workers for jobs of the future.

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