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Hearing Of The Social Security Subcommittee Of The House Ways And Means Committee-Enhancing Social Security Number Privacy

Location: Washington, DC

Federal News Service

June 15, 2004 Tuesday

Headline: Hearing Of The Social Security Subcommittee Of The House Ways And Means Committee

Subject: Enhancing Social Security Number Privacy

Chaired By: Representative E. Clay Shaw (R-Fl)

Witnesses Panel I: J. Howard Beales Iii, Director, Bureau Of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission;

Patrick P. O'carroll, Acting Inspector General, Social Security Administration;

Barbara Bovbjerg, Director Of Education, Workforce, And Income Security; Lawrence E. Maxwell, Assistant Chief Inspector, Investigations And Security;

Panel II: Patricia Foss, Elkton, Maryland; Mark Ladd, Public Sector Co-Chair, Privacy/Access Workgroup, Property Records Industry Association; Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Associate Director, Electronic Privacy Information Center; Brian P. Mcguinness, First Vice President, National Council Of Investigation And Security Services; Mike L. Buenger, President, Conference Of State Court Administrators; Fred H. Cate, Professor Of Law, University Of Indiana-Bloomington; Edmund Mierzwinski, Consumer Program Director, U.S. Public Interest Research Group




REP. PAUL RYAN (R-WI): I thank the chair. I have a bill coming to the floor momentarily so I won't be able to stay for that time. But I wanted to just take a couple of moments to introduce someone who is on the next panel who is a perfect person to have testifying with us today.

That's Mark Ladd, who is the register of deeds for Racine County. Mark is very experienced. He's the register of deeds in Racine since 1994. He's the past president of the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association. He's also a member of the board of directors of the National Association of County Recorders and Election Clerks, and he's the co-chair of the Property Records Industry Association Technology Board, which is I think in that capacity where he's going to offer a lot of expertise. He's also a good friend of mine.

And I'm excited that Mark is here to testify on the next panel. I hope that I can make it. It's only when you have a bill coming to the floor, which I have on the suspension calendar, that it presents a very unpredictable schedule. So I thank the chair for indulging me to be able to introduce my friend and a good expert from Racine, Wisconsin, who will be testifying on the next panel. Thank you, and I yield.


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