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Statement on the Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks


Location: Unknown

On this 11th day of September our nation returns its thoughts to evil and to good; to the evil visited upon us those nine years ago, and the good brought forth through the courage and love of Americans in the face of that vicious attack, on that day and every day since.

Consider my friend Jimmy Regan, who brushed off big job offers and law school scholarships to serve his country in the 75th Ranger Regiment. The first time I met him was on his recruiting trip to Duke. Midfielder Jimmy Regan would play lacrosse and go to school at Duke; years later, Sergeant Jimmy Regan died in northern Iraq on Feb. 9, 2007.

There is a now-famous photograph of Jimmy's beautiful fiancé, Mary, lying face-down in sorrow by his grave marker at Arlington National. It will live as one of the iconic images from our war-torn era.

But Jimmy's sacrifice and brilliance is not a rare trait in the men and women of our armed forces--it is a common attribute, in no way an exception but ever the rule.

An effective national security is totally dependent on the resolve of a Congress that provides the resources and support to our armed forces, and otherwise leads our nation wisely, to preserve its greatness and ensure the prosperity and security of the American people.

My resolve, if I am fortunate enough to serve, will be to change the direction of the current Congress and Administration and to assert once again that it is the people of our nation living in freedom, and not their government ruling in arrogance, that has made of America the greatest nation on Earth.

God bless the men and women of our armed forces, God bless the great state of Arizona and God Bless America."

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