Herron Challenges Fincher to Debates

Press Release

By:  Roy Herron
Date: Sept. 15, 2010
Location: Dresden, TN

"Voters deserve face-to-face debates'

Congressional candidate Roy Herron on Tuesday announced he accepted two debate requests and challenged opponent Stephen Fincher to do the same.

"My opponent is hiding behind his handlers. They say he wants to talk about the issues -- well, it's time for him to own up to their promises. Voters deserve face-to-face debates so they can make an informed decision on who should represent them in Congress," said Herron, a former minster and sitting state senator. "Thousands of Tennesseans face gunfire each day half way across the world to protect our freedoms of speech and assembly. Stephen Fincher has the right to free speech and he ought to exercise it in a public debate with me."

Herron and Fincher are running to be the next representative for Tennessee's 8th District in the U.S. House.

Herron has accepted debate requests from WREG-TV, which proposed an event in Dyersburg for Oct. 8, and the Memphis Rotary Club, which proposed several possible dates.

"I am ready to debate Stephen Fincher anytime, anywhere," Herron said. "If he won't stand side-by-side and explain his ideas to us now, how will Stephen Fincher stand up for Tennesseans in the halls of Congress?"

Small-town attorney and Christian author Roy Herron is running for Congress to bring jobs to Tennessee and fiscal responsibility to Washington. As a part-time citizen legislator, Herron has fought predatory lenders, passed laws that are tough on criminals and wrote and passed the Crime Victims' Bill of Rights. Herron has written three books including God and Politics: How Can a Christian Be in Politics? He and his wife of 23 years, Nancy, live in Dresden and have three sons.

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