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Glassman Challenges McCain to Propose Jobs Plan

Press Release

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Yesterday, Sen. John McCain voted against a small business jobs plan. His opposition nearly derailed any work to put Americans back to work.

The U.S. Senate passed legislation yesterday that will expand small business lending by $42 billion, but it took two Republicans. both of whom are leaving the senate next January, to cross party lines and do right by American workers. McCain and the party he helps lead tried to stop the bill in hopes that gridlock would strangle hope and put Republicans back in power.

Today, Rodney Glassman, McCain's 2010 Democratic challenger, challenged McCain to come up with a plan of his own to shrink the ranks of the jobless.

"It's one thing to oppose a bill on principle," Glassman said. "It's the height of cynicism to block action to address a crisis, without a plan of your own. It's sad that John McCain would simply allow Americans to go through the holidays and deep into next year without any leadership from Washington to address the jobs crisis. So I challenge John McCain to present his own plan to get America working."

Since the start of the recession, nearly 300,000 Arizonans have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. It will be interesting to see whether McCain has the guts to present a plan and even more interesting to see if it's anything other than the tired old policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

"John McCain is facing the voters and the biggest issue on their minds is jobs," said Glassman campaign manager Bill Romjue. "He ought to have the gumption to tell Arizonans what he would do to put Arizona back to work."

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