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McCain Vote Will Reinforce Skin-Shedding Ways

Press Release

Location: Phoenix, AZ

U.S. Sen. John McCain will vote today on the one issue that established his brand as a "maverick." But it is unlikely he will vote to protect that legacy, as he seems to be shedding his positions like a snake sheds its skin.

The transformation of McCain's positions on numerous issues in recent years makes it fair to ask: Is he repudiating his past or has he just forgotten where he stood?

Watch McCain vote today against the DISCLOSE Act, named after the activist Roberts Court opened the door to unlimited corporate-financing of political campaigns. The legislation before the Senate today would only seek to force corporations to let the public know when they are trying to buy an election. The law now allows them to spend the money anonymously, a right no individual enjoys.

McCain already voted last month to refuse to let the Senate consider the bill. McCain 1.0 was known for two things: being a "maverick" and championing campaign finance reform. He dumped the "maverick" title earlier this year. Another vote for secret and unlimited corporate cash will prove that McCain 2.0 will abandon his principles when the political winds shift.

"It's a matter of trust, and McCain can no longer be trusted," said U.S. Senate candidate Rodney Glassman. "We shouldn't have trusted him about campaign finance. We shouldn't have trusted him about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." We shouldn't have trusted him about immigration."

For the past two years, McCain has been campaigning as if his previous 26 years in Washington have been completely irrelevant. Arizona voters have had enough of being his last priority and are ready for a new leader who will represent them.

"The longer people know John McCain, the less they trust him," Glassman said. "His vote contrary to his record on campaign finance is just one more example of a one-time maverick turning into a muppet, with the far right making his mouth move."

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