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Issue Position: An Office of Federal Maximization

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

The Record

Brian has shown that he has the relationships and skills to help our state bring in additional federal funds. His experience as a nonprofit executive and ties with the Obama administration put him in a strong position to ensure that Hawaii is getting its fair share of federal resources. Brian can make sure local people, local jobs, local companies, and local non-profit organizations are the recipients of these resources.

The Future

With Senator Inouye in a historically high position in the Senate, and President Obama with deep roots in Hawaii, we are in a unique position to capitalize on bringing in federal money for needed projects and initiatives that can develop new economic activity. Converting some of our Congressional earmarks into more permanent line items embedded in the federal budget is equally as important.

We also need to work with our state departments to make sure they are always getting the maximum dollar amount to which they are entitled from the federal government -- whether it's Medicaid or Medicare, or the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, or Education. We need a partner in the state government who can identify these opportunities and coordinate with state, county, and federal officials to make sure that we bring in dollars to the state. As Lieutenant Governor, Brian would provide this significant additional benefit at no additional cost to state government.

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