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Fact Check: Garcia Supports the Columbia Free Trade Agreement, Rivera Lying Once Again

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Rivera Falsely Claims Garcia Does Not Support Colombia FTA

On Monday, David Rivera lied to reporters once again by falsely claiming that Joe Garcia does not support the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. This false attack comes at the heals of Rivera's month-long scandal involving a CBS-4 report that discovered that David Rivera endangered lives on the Palmetto Expressway by attempting to hijack a mail van carrying his opponent's campaign fliers.

Joe Garcia issued the following statement:

"I am honored to support the Colombia Free Trade Agreement and to have met President Juan Manuel Santos in July. The Colombia Free Trade Agreement will create jobs in South Florida and I will make it my top priority to convince members of my own party and work across party lines to get it passed because it is good for America and our greatest ally in the region. I am also honored to count on the support of Colombian American leaders, such as Juan Manuel Vives, the representative of Colombians living abroad for the Uribe administration and former Colombian Senator Eduardo Arango. It is unfortunate that David Rivera has once again resorted to lies and desperate attacks against me to distract voters from his multiple scandals."

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