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Thank You!


Location: Unknown

I want to thank everyone for their personal involvement in this election. I want to thank all the people who are taking the time to learn about all the choices they have November 2nd. I also wish to thank the people who have made donations to my campaign of time or money.

A few weeks ago I ran into a friend and during our conversation, he mentioned that he had heard my name mentioned on the radio earlier. He couldn't remember what the program was or who was on it, but he did remember hearing someone say, "My friend, Ken Proctor, the Libertarian, knows all about that!" I have no idea who that person on the radio was. I am honored and grateful for that kind of support. I realize there are a lot of people out there helping my campaign that I may never know about. They may be encouraging friends and family to vote for me and other Libertarians. They may be writing letters to the editors of their local papers promoting me in the race for Governor. They may be leaving comments to News Articles on-line and mentioning that they are voting for me. For all these people who are doing things on my behalf, thank you... thank you very much.

We still have some time before November. There are still votes to gather so that we can let the "business as usual" Democrats and Republicans know that times are changing and we are not happy with what they have done to our state and our nation.

I encourage any and all who can spare my campaign a donation to do so. It helps offset my campaign expenses, but more importantly it demonstrates your support and commitment to the freedom and prosperity that Libertarian candidates like myself want to bring to Michigan.



Thank you!

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